In the snow trees sleep under their blankets of white and All is silent. Softly the snow falls in lazy spiraling dance in the blue black night I sit in the darkness savoring serenity.


Tonight a snow is falling that calls for stillness. There is no wind so it is falling straight down. I stand outside in it looking up feeling soft flakes caress my face and noting as I stand that the flakes that land on my gloved hands are tiny miracles of fractal art. No two are… Read More Snow


A single candle flickers as I walk the path wending round bends in the dark while hidden figures block entrances of places I am not meant to explore The wind shifts suddenly and I find myself on the shore of an endless sea, waves agitating upon the sands shifting and I struggle feet sinking so… Read More Future

The lake

(Image by In my mind I can see her; endless and blue, blue expanse to the horizon where the pale blue of the water meets the sky in a darker navy blue line. She is placid when I think of her, still and clear like a mirror. On the day I think of her… Read More The lake