blue water

long missed
always the sounds
low and longing calls of gulls circling
high overhead
steady crunching beneath my feet
a faint roar.
drawing closer to the slate blue haze
more distinct now
honking of geese moving slowly
across the sand as night drifts in
it’s louder now, the water, leaping and lunging
curling up and cresting wave
washing the hard smooth shore
there, the horizon,
sailboats drifting far off
my imagination is there
the wind solidly pushing against my face as
I sit near the bow my boat cutting cleanly through blue water

of course I am not there
always shorebound
staring across the wide blue expanse of Michigan
there, a white bird
circles overhead I drift up and out
with the unbearable lightness of being
my bird-eyes sharply scanning always the surface
when all I knew or ever knew
lies fathoms below

timidly my bare feet inch towards the lapping waves
which also reach for me,
draw back
reach out
draw back
a slow rhythmic motion
like rocking cradle
or a lover’s embrace
I have been at water’s edge as far
back as my memory reaches
and then I am in, freely
and fear slips away
under blue water.

diane o’leary 2013


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