there it is
the sun

in my walk through shadow I had
forgotten how the sun
illuminated the world.
I walk through rows of daffodils
and turn
the wind blowing through my hair
as I look back through the valley
and wonder at how far I’ve come.
Who brought me here?
my weary feet the only thing I saw
clearly during that troubled time
that yawned years of chasms
with no bridges
only long falls
in abysses.
off in the distance where I had
seen nothing
something stands
and it is then the knowing comes
the sense the deer have
when it is going to rain
or when
squirrels know to store away
food for winter
a preparedness comes over me
as I stand between heaven and earth
blowing wind and stars
knowing full well that love and hope
did not cease because I could not see
could it be, could it be my soul sings
could it be that you were there all along
treading the same path as me
each never knowing the other
struggled over rocky ravines
and dry riverbeds
unable to see that life had not died
the same terrible deaths as we thought our hearts
but perhaps we did not die in that
time of darkness but only our hearts hid
until we could again look up and see
we had come into a time of butterflies.

copyright 2009 diane o’leary



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