the night draws near
softly on cat’s paws
and I out in it looking into pieces of light
dotting the navy sky
perhaps I am like them
pieces scattered over the black
I have been blind my whole life
intent for a finish
and I have been missing the rapture this whole
time of being forever incomplete

I am too enveloped in dreams
intangibles because reality is too near
and I have been walking through
the tunnels of my own mind
where daffodils fall from the sky
seeing myself in places
too remote to reach.

perhaps I am too near
and too far away
drawing breath in closed rooms
with no doors

around me grasses wave in gentle winds
and the sky is endless
and people drift in and out
clouds scudding across the sky.
perhaps I am Narcissus gazing endlessly
in still ponds
never seeing myself
in the afternoon glow.

there, I dance
whirling, a dervish
because the world does not spin fast enough
my mind carousels
with you as foreign as a country I have never visited
I armed with only a flashlight
seeing parts never wholes

if I drew near to you
what then
I follow bread crumb trails to places with no
no longer certain

diane o’leary 2009

artist: Jack Vettriano
artist: Jack Vettriano

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