late nights and an ocean between

late nights cradle me

mother of time who has planted that

giant oak

growing imperceptibly year by year until

consuming a human lifetime it is

an unwritten journal only

the winds and rain and earth can read

I am but a second sitting here a second hand

on the eternity clock

hawks circle me endlessly mocking their distance from me

distance, always distance tempered by sunrises and sunsets

the ocean tides’ ebb and flow

that water touching where you are I am jealous of her

her soft hands stroking the earth lovingly where you step

and I landlocked far away from it all

I gaze east

lost there


of the vast swaths of prairie land

that stretch to trees and mountains until earth

reaches shore

the bridge the ocean

this is where I have lost my heart

this blue water where my ancestors crossed ages before me

hungered, the wind pushing them ever west

displacing me before I began

I am here, in the night

soul-lost crossing that water-east having found you

still a gypsy wandering until time should be kinder to me

and the clock ticks




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