it cuts, this double edged sword

hordes of black crows descending

riding the shoulders pecking the head

wring it at the neck before it pecks you dead

hate the black man

hate the red

hate the Mexican

for political ends

hate blends and twists

a hidden cyst

hating women

gays and feminists

hate Democrats, conservatives,

the foreign born

talk of them with righteous scorn

Wait a moment…wait, what’s this?

Let’s get God into the mix

haters morph into mystics

then hate sticks

pardoned by Bibles, prayer and church

my aren’t we lofty on our hater’s perch?

pay lip service to forgiveness, helping the poor

while the rich we all adore

we all want to stop it

surely we do

you can’t till you realize

the hater in you


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