Discovering my second childhood: July 4, 2014

When we hit a certain age, I think sometimes we become, some of us more bookish types, too content with quiet nights, tea and books, and not enough getting out and letting go of adulthood, responsibilities, those things that seem So Important but in reality maybe aren’t as important as we think.   I’m a kid at heart so for me, the below quote isn’t hard to sort of get into:


With that said, today I saw before me the path back to childhood:

4th of July swim in Flathead Lake, a glacial lake
4th of July swim in Flathead Lake, a glacial lake

When I realized I’d be jumping in instead of eeeaaaaasssssing my way into the water, that dock seemed way longer than it really was.   After a little hesitation in which I imagined every bad thing that could happen to me on that dock (slipping, falling, hitting my head on the bottom, paralysis, etc), I found myself running and launching myself into the abyss.

Yeah, the water was FREEZING.  It’s a glacial lake after all.  Oh my, was it FUN!  I was splashing around with a bunch of kids, and the water was clear, so clear you could see at least six feet down.   I swam for at least an hour or so, (partly because this perpendicular ladder was too much of a challenge for me to get out of the lake, and partly because I just didn’t want to get out of the water).

Nature heals us, if we are brave enough to immerse ourselves in it, if we don’t take what she has to offer, but share in it instead.

As you can see, I survived quite nicely, and for that little while, in that glacial lake, I was a child again, unencumbered by the world and its troubles.

Flathead Lake, Polson, MT
Flathead Lake, Polson, MT
Kurt Vonnegut quote
Kurt Vonnegut quote


And the sun set, as we sat on the dock, waiting for the fireworks to start at sundown.   I was tired, a good tired, the sort of tired that comes from physical exertion, from being immersed in a glacial lake, from being a child again.  The sunset was a prayer, a benediction, of a peace that descends and wraps us in a warm blanket leaving us feeling secure, safe and loved.

Flathead Lake at sunset

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