Rosebud, Missouri


Red white and blue rises again

in the Southern breeze

the ghosts of strange fruit

hanging on Southern trees

grimly resurrected.


the past collides with the present

in a train wreck of truth

the gauntlet is laid

while the nation watches

the marchers walk on

fried chicken and watermelon

the racist repast

while parents scream hate

and children listen

and the marchers walk on

Southern tradition here

at its finest

instead of white sheets

there is white paper

covering the shame

of a nation

the journey for justice

marches on

Rattlesnake hate strikes out

and, powerless, shatters on the ground



police brutality brought to light

in black white then color

go home nigger

the past shouts into the present

the Secesh flag waves whipped by

shouts and

153 years of

sleeping hatred

in silent dignity

the marchers walk on

the past


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