i am swept up in grace

No longer myself but a vision I once had

briefly a flash of light you created anew

the stars know

as does all of creation that you move among us soundlessly the gardener in his garden pronouncing everything good

you are the artist painting rainbows across the sky the blue jay brushes against the sky blue look close

In the blackness of the raven you hide subtle rainbows shown by sunlight

you are not in the thunder but in the poetry of silence; in the sound that raindrops make or the hushed glorious way that sunbeams touch the earth at end of day

in the feather softness of wings in upward rushing flight listen

the music of the spheres

symphony into the aurora borealis transformed

dancing here below

You are

the graceful muted movement of deer steps in the woods you


the soundless, steady movement of color weaving through the trees in autumn the low music water makes journeying ever downriver

You are.


your still silent voice is louder to me than crashing thunder profound in its depth and tenor


the wind whispers you everywhere

you are

I am

I am


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