Darkness creeps down over the passage of years




I stand in a vision in choking darkness

staring at a never healed wound

in the soul of this country

Civil war whispers out of the past

and I see a flash of red out of the corner

of my eye

the blood of thousands marches out of the

mists murmuring unrest and hate

Then I see them.

Faintly at first like candlelight they follow

the procession of the dead

orange glow flickering firelight

the hopeless and the angry full of false equivalencies walk in lockstep muted unreasoned fury in restraint

waiting to be unleashed

a river of fire wending endlessly a snake of fire

heavy passions twisted into patriotism

Boldly hate is unmasked

Done are they waiting for the answer

they have come as Death’s minions armed with clubs and guns and fire and fury

vigilantes for liberty of the white race

They have come to save us from extinction

You see.

They are heroes waiting ruthlessly to die for their country

to be made into statues like the heroes

of a lost cause long ago who have stared into the future with the alacrity of a sleeping dragon

There is no shame in their hatred of Other

Darkness seeps into light at last and there is none to stop them

only victorious leaders watching silently

as their napalm atomic vision of victory over the enemies that have watered down and delayed their being

grows closer to resurrection

Out of the darkness hurtles Death and her dark demons follow after her gleefully applauding bodies flying into the air

they have shed first blood

they are soldiers on the front lines where truth is inverted and lies are truth and freedom isn’t freedom and we are the enemy and following after

this tiki torch parade

follows demonic faces with swastikas carved into them and Evil wrapping

blackness into a cloak daring

God and Peace and Love and Truth to

stop it

Ravens pick at the dead and the storm



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