for Las Vegas

what do we do when the darkness we sang in is no longer our friend when a madman unleashes his unreasoning anger in deadly speeding shafts of light from on high that cut through us mowing us down like grass and we discover suddenly that bullets transform us from people with loves and lives and families into fish in a barrel

when the news suddenly is not impersonal and we become the news when reality slams into us with the force of a car into a crowd or bullets into soft skin shouting in its hatred that no place is safe and Hate and Rage are all that is I say

do not give up hope for

the sky may seem bereft of God or Spirit but I saw Him among you gathering souls

perhaps you felt Him brushing past you in the crowds when love caused strangers to protect one another and perhaps he was the hand that yanked you into a van to safety or pushed you under a car

whatsoever you do to others you do it to Me He says

Those bullets tore through to the truth we all know but forget in our daily opinions and tirades and jealousy and fear

We are human we are love we are angels to strangers when bullets fly nobody cares about politics color or religion–only look


Truth speaks softly look and see

See the helpers

See who you are beautiful people

So many helping and helped and helped and are helping strangers helping strangers in thousands of stories yet to be heard because

we are not

democrat or

republican or

atheist or

Christian we are not

labels we are

People we are

Americans we are those who reach out in floods and fires and tornadoes and hurricanes we are those who rescue and comfort

we are the mothers who bring food to those without we are the fathers who rescue the babies of others we are the ones who rebuild and bind wounds and wipe tears

we are not our anger and our petty disagreements or our divisions

in the end in the face of evil and bullets cutting through the night we are no longer strangers or enemies or adversaries

In that moment, we are one

we are love

we are American

Love one another even as I have loved you

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