out there where the cherry blossoms fall drifting out over the green grass like pink snowflakes there we were in

a perfect moment lovers

dreaming spun from

us like magic and we lived in this world where the sun always shone

and even the rain was blessed

and we made plans for futures I did not know then were unreal

when did it all shatter like glass

when did the beach cease to exist and when did the god-voice stop being holy and started taunting us to be what we never could be a constant voice of criticism and disdain

what we never were

and when did you change into a stranger or maybe that is what you always were disguised as something familiar and warm. I wore you like my old green sweater and loved the comfort of your words and embraced your truths as if they were my own

when did I morph into you and lose myself in the process of believing in misty web-dreams

when did we separate

I know when the bell jar cover was lifted and reality rushed in like a hurricane

destroying the dream washing it from us

colors bleeding until we were



art by 0ctavio Ocampo

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