That black day

the day that drained of color I was

at home tending my children having done

dishes I was speaking to friends who

had come to pick up some things

the lawn had been mown that day and

the sun came up with such promise a light breeze wove thin fingers through the apple blossoms’ bobbing branches

a heavy feeling lay upon me of NotQuiteRight I couldn’t place it but I think you told me because suddenly all I saw was your face and the feeling escalated into worry and a sense of a telephone wire being cut and when I tried to call you the linewas


I turned cold and slept then I was everywhere at once and I could not figure it out how I was down there

and up here at the same time staring at my prone self alone in the dark

I thought of you suddenly and I thought she has to know no one will know to tell her and

instantly there I was with you in a blink

While all the colors drained out of the world slowly leaving only a grey world bereft

of me here and you in it somewhere

you know we sit and chat in your dreams on that white dais in the garden I am



I put my hand out slowly to touch you Where You Are

I know

I know.

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