I love the wordplay here, and the rhythms.

Poesy plus Polemics

icicles-stefan-maguran “Icicles” by Stefan Maguran

soon will time
yield to torpor
when icicles hang
like stilettos
from stupefied
conscience quite
ready to drop
and destroy
any thought of
least warmth
that might rise
from remembered
summers of reason

the deadly sharp
points of these
long lethal knives
Damoclesian threats
from a bitter cold
state of the mind
not a viable setting
to incubate virtue
no season to
stimulate discourse
intolerance freezes
the bloodflow to
rational tongues

give and take
of philosophies
thwarted as
ethics collapse
into lifelessness
silent caesura
a dormancy
pressed for an
unknown duration
on calendars
measured and
marked by the
lives of old men

sounds of seasonal
engines shut down
voices faded
of volume
diminished dialectic
frail of means
if not heart
to assert any
robust resistance
to winter’s
on intellect

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