I have run wild across the land and

hunkered down in snow I have hunted for the food that nourishes and found only bones

I have borne pups and raised them until they forayed into the wider world and

now I roam again beside

great inner oceans

I sing over bones and they stir faintly

they speak to me in whispers I cannot yet make out

my ears dart forward and I nose the bones

Willing them to live

they are me long dead perhaps and perhaps they are glad I have found them

I will lie here until the breath of life fills them



    • Thank you so much for your kind comment. I am wrestling with the idea that I can even write at the moment having been dealt my 112th rejection from a literary magazine so any kind remarks I receive are like balm to a wounded woman. I’ve been doubting whether I’m a crappy writer lately in the face of so much rejection but I am still trying. Bless you.

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      • You’re a fine writer. Keep believing don’t be swayed by rejection. They’re just looking for stuff that fits their current world view. Nearly every major record company rejected The Beatles

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      • Please allow me to say how much I enjoy reading your blog. I should like very much to visit one day as I taught English literature for years before embarking on this wild endeavor that I love doing. I love the photos that enrich the entire reading experience as well.

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