Library during computer update

Too many people in this quiet supposed to be place

A man rocking repeatedly in a chair breathing heavily

A woman behind me humming while she looks at the books a librarian straightening newspapers crackling and rustling and the bake sale in the corner the hushed whispers of the women and the crackle of bags of cake and cookies and my computer, phone and iPad in an update conspiracy forcing me to wait to create so the tap tap tapping of computer keys one hundred feet away the cough cough coughing of the baby by the used book carts and the sound of wooden chairs being sat on the whoosh of sliding back on carpet librarians at the desk explaining how to apply for a card and register to vote talking loudly too loudly

the electronic ringing of the phone behind the desk the thuddity thud boom bang of books being returned in the return box, the woman across from me with her rustling plastic bags around her snapping a newspaper open then cluck clicking as she reads repeatedly snapping the pages as she turns them

Only my thoughts

are quiet here when I

need them to be hopping with ideas and talking incessantly

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