A single candle flickers as I walk the path wending round bends in the dark while hidden figures block entrances

of places I am not meant to explore

The wind shifts suddenly and I find myself on the shore of an endless sea, waves agitating upon the sands shifting and I struggle feet sinking so I stop

and build sand castles

Birds wheel overhead.

A song drifts upon the night on the shore and returns me back to childhood when I felt safe and warm

I pause momentarily sand castle forgotten while a hawk peers at me knowingly from a log of dry driftwood

You are not the master of your destiny it says and flaps its wings as it waits as I wait I am carried forward to the same place returned by sand and sea and tide to the past-present

I look out over horizons as I shift flying over beginnings and endings and see a great hand writing something I cannot read

Perhaps that was the answer and I crane my head desperate to read and understand but I am carried by crosswinds back to the log, the sand castle and the sea no more a bird than a fish

A boat comes for me

I rise to meet it walking on still water.


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