Teachers striking, I support you!

I am a teacher.

I know what condition public schools are in in many states due to education cuts over the years.

I know that politicians have pushed persistent education cuts to ruin public schools so they can get their hands on the Federal funding that goes to public education by privatizing schools . I know our Education Secretary supports privatization of education.

I know most teachers have not seen raises in 20 years or more across the board. And we have put up with it for the kids. We have continued to teach despite education cuts to our schools, low pay, cuts to our existing pay and benefits, despite working two and three jobs to support our families, despite working in schools that are falling apart, despite having our unions weakened by so-called right to work laws that are really laws undermining all American workers.

When there is so little money for schools that we are funding classrooms out of our own pockets, we are not serving kids.

When there is no funding to fix school buildings for a good educational environment, that does not serve kids. When rats are running around openly, when buildings leak when it rains, when students must learn in environments that are an insult to education expectations in America, it is time to do something for the kids. Especially when politicians won’t.

When there is no money for textbooks that does not serve kids .

American voters have let kids down, including their own kids by supporting deep cuts to education and believing career politicians who have willfully lied to the American people by calling public school teachers lazy, overpaid, entitled, and undeserving. That is nothing more than propaganda for privatization. The American public has fallen for this book, line and sinker.

By saying all public school teachers shouldn’t get paid because there are “bad teachers” and because we supposedly only work nine months out of the year which is a lie, the politicians and their propaganda outlets take the focus off themselves who only work 4 months out of the year and make 5 times more than teachers in the salary and benefits they leech off of taxpayers. This is never discussed.

I support my colleagues.

I support a nationwide teachers strike.

Teachers are striking for the kids. Fund education. For the future of this country.

The only adults in the room doing the right thing are the teachers.

We have had enough of being a political football, and seeing kids victimized by political agendas. We are teachers.

We teach the future. We teach all professions. Kids deserve good schools and enough supplies and the best learning environments. All kids deserve an excellent education.

The American public must be willing to pay for it.



3 thoughts on “Teachers striking, I support you!

  1. Well said. It’s a depressingly similar picture here in the UK. You are right on the nail with the privatisation propaganda observation. We’ve had forty years of privatisation and our services are poorer, more expensive, and employees are paid relatively less. The only people benefiting are the stakeholders. And yet our government is hell-bent of privatisating education and our National Health Service, supported by a right-wing press, owned by oligarchs who are desperate to get a piece of the action. It’s a sorry state of affairs, and I feel your pain. Keep believing in what you do, though. Children who learn to think for themselves are the key to turning things around in the future. The youth vote very nearly toppled our government in the last election. They are hanging on by a thread.

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    1. Our young people are becoming a force to be reckoned with here. I am encouraged to see them coming out! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. Things have to get better…one hopes anyway. This can’t go on.

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