Monday, in which I receive affirmation from a parking meter

I had a pretty interesting day. I walked the lakefront in a bit of a farewell before I move on, and while I’ve been quite firm on moving home, I feel I received affirmation in the deer that suddenly showed themselves in the park in the middle of downtown. I haven’t seen deer in forever. They are my symbol of being loved by the universe. They are compassion and gentleness embodied. Well, at least till I found out they sometimes eat birds on the ground. Pretty shocking! Knowing this did not change my view of them and today was Day of the Deer. I already posted pics of the afternoon deer as I walked around the cemetery. The ones I saw in the park were the Morning Deer. So I saw them all day. I took it as a huge thumbs up for my upcoming move.

I also saw the 1833 lighthouse below.

Going downtown afterwards, I stopped for a cup of coffee. I slugged the meter with a quarter as I planned to run in and run out…and lo and behold…another affirmation on the parking meter! Usually parking meters are cold, impersonal things we love to hate. But this one…this one was friendly and complimentary, with its message saying to me, and now through this blog to you all,

You are beautiful.

Yes you are. I love seeing you all visit me and I thank you for the likes and most importantly, how you value me through reading what I write.

Bless you!


3 thoughts on “Monday, in which I receive affirmation from a parking meter

    1. Its amazing the messages you can get. I always look for a daily message from the universe. I generally get one 🙂 everybody can do this and it puts your mind in such a positive frame!

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