Day One: Setting up my new glamping life

This entry is about my camper yes…but it is more about the kindness of strangers which I experienced many times this day.

Today was the big day! I met the people who sold the camper to me, and being kind people, and maybe thinking me a (little bit crazy), they

  • Towed my camper into town 35 miles. I had no way of towing it with my Honda.
  • Set me up with a very nice and comfortable mattress till I get the one end fixed that has the bed
  • Set me up with plywood and jack to support the bed
  • Helped me stabilize the camper once they delivered it to my lot

Were it not for their great kindness to me I would not have a home so I am humbled and forever grateful. They didn’t have to do any of what they did. They probably thought the way it would go was I’d come and see it and pay them and take away the camper. They had to wait two weeks for their money too but once they understood my situation they let me put down a deposit and waited for the rest. Appreciation for kindness (and maybe kindness itself), is in short supply these days….but I hope this shows you, readers, that kindness still exists. It isn’t dead.

So here it is. I wonder what I signed up for but after two weeks in my car and three years of living with other people in their homes, I am so grateful for a real bed and a little place of my own that I sat and cried when everyone left. I was that happy.

Now the synchronicities. I got a free Shop vac at a garage sale before I knew I was getting this camper. I needed it to clean today!

Faith: I had my first challenge. The socket to plug in my camper for electricity didn’t fit my plug-in.

I hadn’t even dreamed this would come up. I didnt know what to do. My first thought was I’m gonna freeze to death this winter because I won’t have electricity to plug in my heater. The people who brought my camper thought maybe an adapter but didn’t know for sure. A real nice lady named Dottie didn’t know either. (Dottie is super cool. She’s 76, lives in this luxury huge camper on wheels, has tattoos from head to toe and is the daughter of a mortician. More stories later!)

So this place is going to be my new friend.

I took a photo of the socket and plug and went to Menards to seek wisdom in the form of Kevin, (who I gave a great recommendation on their Facebook page. Kevin ROCKS). He took a look at my socket and plug, thought about it for five whole minutes and then went to a shelf and whipped out this puppy:

for the paltry sum of 31.00, I came home and plugged it into the electric box, flipped on the breaker shut my eyes in case the camper exploded, opened them gingerly to see a light on and I was off to the races!

Kevin at Menards is a GOD. They are gonna get a lot of business from me the next few months.

So I cleaned. And I busted out my Crock Pot and threw in hamburger and Rotel tomato salsa and onion and garlic salt and tomato sauce and turned it on to see where that could end up.

I found some pretty interesting things. Like a deer jawbone. In the windowsill. The lady who sold the camper to me thinks it has good juju so she said she left it where it was and thus, I shall leave it where it is. I ask no questions. I flow.

Also found cool Christmas lights. I found the burnt out bulb and put in the extra bulb in a bag at the end of the string, and Preston bango I got Christmas lights! In August! More good juju!

Also found a Hawaii cup with an 8 ball in it. 8 is the symbol for eternity so …..That’s right more good juju!

I have only begun to love the camper but you can see what ive done so far. I hung new curtains. They are actually valances, but they work for my tiny camper!

Doesn’t my bed look pretty?

The first meal in my new tiny home in the Crock Pot yielded Crock Pot spaghetti with meat sauce and lots of parmesan! Photo is mid-cook. It was yummy!

My camper needs lots of love. It also needs a name! Please help me name my camper. Put your ideas in the comments! I will announce the winner and your prize will be me painting the name on this soon to be famous camper (because we still have a year to go living this way and I’m going to keep sharing with you all).

Problems solved today:

  • Plug converted from 53 amp to 14 amp, 31.00 at Menards
  • Waterproofing with Duck Seal on seams and around window seams.

Next project:

  • new weatherstripping for outside windows

Money saved:

  • 700.00 security deposit if I had an apartment.
  • 200.00 of a 700.00 apartment rent if I had an apartment

Total saved: 900.00

Camper cost: 800.00

Plug adapter cost: 31.00

Ahead: 69.00

See you next time! Thank you for following me! Share the adventure! It is raining and thanks to the Duck Seal put on my home is not leaking! I love the sound of rain on the roof. That and Kate Rusby playing softly is seeing me cosy and warm in my new little home.


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