The lake

(Image by In my mind I can see her; endless and blue, blue expanse to the horizon where the pale blue of the water meets the sky in a darker navy blue line. She is placid when I think of her, still and clear like a mirror. On the day I think of her…Read more »

Blue skies

“We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorns have roses.” ― Alphonse Karr, A Tour Round My Garden (photo by the Gypsy Girl (that would be me!) Today I spent outside. It is an unseasonably warm 60 degrees in November in one of the snowiest places on earth.  You bet I…Read more »

Grief, observed

“The death of a beloved is an amputation.” ― C.S. Lewis, A Grief Observed I grieve.  I grieve for someone who still lives.  I know now that is possible.   I have found out this year more than any other year through the culling that sometimes occurs when the universe tells us through the loss…Read more »

You, Death

you listened to music while I died drowning in tears night after night you impassive hard as the rocks you dug from the garden but never removed we piled them up until they formed a mound a tiny wall like the invisible one that rose up overnight blocking out the sun forever and then there…Read more »


sometimes on sunny days when the river sparkles and birds hover in cross breezes over the waters it is easy to dream easy to live in what could have been or what could be if the wind reversed direction if life rewound if old paths once so promising reopened I peek behind one door and…Read more »


I am enveloped in the night in the snow flying towards me like bullets the road stretches out in front of me a tunnel through the dark I see only as far as the light from the headlights and catch glimpses of deer or foxes in my mind I know the road goes farther on…Read more »

Library during computer update

Too many people in this quiet supposed to be place A man rocking repeatedly in a chair breathing heavily A woman behind me humming while she looks at the books a librarian straightening newspapers crackling and rustling and the bake sale in the corner the hushed whispers of the women and the crackle of bags…Read more »


I have run wild across the land and hunkered down in snow I have hunted for the food that nourishes and found only bones I have borne pups and raised them until they forayed into the wider world and now I roam again beside great inner oceans I sing over bones and they stir faintly…Read more »


I am free free of restriction and mind-bondage I am the one who breaks through locked doors I am the Wild-woman I am she who tames winds and waters, wolves lie down for me no longer half-asleep through my days I am the open air the open sea the tsunami barreling towards land no locked…Read more »