I am enveloped in the night in the snow flying towards me like bullets the road stretches out in front of me a tunnel through the dark I see only as far as the light from the headlights and catch glimpses of deer or foxes in my mind I know the road goes farther on… Read More Night


I have run wild across the land and hunkered down in snow I have hunted for the food that nourishes and found only bones I have borne pups and raised them until they forayed into the wider world and now I roam again beside great inner oceans I sing over bones and they stir faintly… Read More She-wolf


I am free free of restriction and mind-bondage I am the one who breaks through locked doors I am the Wild-woman I am she who tames winds and waters, wolves lie down for me no longer half-asleep through my days I am the open air the open sea the tsunami barreling towards land no locked… Read More awake